How To Reset Drone 2022? Resetting a DJI And Parrot Drone

How To Reset Drone 2022? Resetting a DJI And Parrot Drone

How To Reset Drone? There is no definitive answer to this question since resetting a drone can be vary successful or not at all. However, there are a few methods you can use to reset a drone if it’s not working for you. Each of these methods is different and takes a different approach, so it’s important to read the kit Retrieved drone reset how to reset guide before attempting it.

How To Reset Drone?

In certain circumstances, you may need to use the manufacturer’s software to reset the drone, while others enable you to reset without using any software. The technique used to factory reset the manufacturer determines a drone.

Below, we’ll go through several techniques for resetting drones. Please continue reading to find out more about them and which one relates to your scenario.

1. Resetting a DJI Drone

It is important to note that not all drones have or support the factory reset option. The official DJI support account on Twitter replied to a user’s request to reset his DJI Mavic Mini.

According to DJI’s answer to the user, there is no factory reset for DJI Mavic Mini drones. If you are still unable to reset your drone after completing the procedures on this list, your drone most likely lacks a factory reset.

The steps to factory reset your drone are listed below. This procedure benefits DJI drones, but other manufacturers that offer factory resetting may be reset using the same methods.

Step 1: Download and install the DJI Assistant Program on all of your devices. The application is available for download on both Windows and Mac systems. You can get the Android version on the Google Play Store.

Many versions of DJI helpers are compatible with a particular drone. For example, the DJI Assistant 2 is compatible with the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, DJI Goggles, and other devices.

There is also the DJI Assistant for Mavic, which is compatible with Mavic, and the DJI Assistant for Phantom, which is compatible with Phantom drones such as the Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced, and Phantom 4 Pro V 2.0.

Step 3: Use the USB cable with your drone to connect it to your PC. You may also use other suitable USB cables.

Step 4: Launch the DJI Assistant app and wait for it to recognize your drone. This might take a few moments.

Step 5: Your drone will be shown on the Connected Devices screen. Choose your drone and then click CONFIRM.

Step 6: The last step is to choose Firmware Update. Following that, you’ll see the “Restore factory defaults” button.

Step 7: Press the factory reset button and confirm the reset when prompted. A progress bar will appear, displaying the status of the reset. When the reset is finished, you will be alerted.

Resetting a DJI Drone


2. Resetting Other Drone Models

The technique of resetting other drone types is identical to the one explained above for DJI drones. First, you must install the application designed by the drone maker. Then, connect your drone to your smartphone and check for the reset option, which is often located under settings/systems/firmware update.

However, certain drones may be reset without the need for application software. Parrot drones, such as the Parrot Mambo and Parrot Bebop, are examples. To reset these drones, power on the Parrot drone and wait for the LEDs to become green. After that, press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds.

While you hold down the power button, the two drone LEDs will alternately glow red and blink. After then, you’ll notice that the blinking becomes more frequent, indicating that you’re nearing the end of the reset procedure.

Hold down the power button until the LEDs become green again. You have completed your task and successfully reset your Parrot drone when this occurs.

3. How to Reset Drone Wifi?

If you cannot connect your drone to your wifi, resetting the wifi information to default settings may assist. Wifi reset will just reset the wifi information; the rest of your data will stay unaffected. The procedures for resetting a DJI drone’s wifi are as follows:

Step 1: Power up your DJI drone. To achieve this, push the power button once and then long press it again till the fan starts on. Most DJI drones use this power-on process.

Step 2: Your model will determine the DJI app you use for the reset. I have already discussed various DJI software-specific applications. You may find a list of available applications and software and drones compatible with this software on DJI’s official website.

Step 3: On the app, go to the wifi menu. Once there, hit and hold the drone’s power button until it produces three beeps, which should happen within 10 seconds. The third beep indicates that the wireless network has been rebooted.

Step 4: After a wifi reset, you must input the default password when connecting your drone. The default password is usually located next to the QR code.

How to Reset a Drone Controller


4. How to Reset a Drone Controller?

DJI Mini 2 works with two different controllers.

The first is a primary DJI controller that comes with the drone but has no screen. The second option is the DJI Smart Controller, which has a built-in screen.

Depending on the controller, you may use the methods below to reinitialize, or factory reset it.

Standard Controller

If you have the standard controller, you may use the DJI Assistant to reinitialize the firmware. The controller, like the drone, does not have a crucial combination factory reset procedure.

The method of reinitializing or renewing the controller firmware is identical to that of the drone.

DJI Assistant for Mini 2 may be downloaded from the DJI website.

Please install the program and launch it on your computer.

Turn your RC on, connect the USB cord, and then wait for the application to identify it.

On the left-hand panel, choose Firmware Update and “Refresh” the firmware.

Once completed, your RC will be reinitialized and as good as new.

Smart Controller

An intelligent controller, as opposed to a standard controller, is essentially an android device combined with the controller.

To factory reset the intelligent controller, follow the exact instructions as you would for any Android smartphone, with a few exceptions.

Turn on the intelligent controller.

To access your profile, use the DJI GO 4 app and look for the “me” button.

A gear icon may be seen in the top right corner. Press it, then choose Clear Cache from the menu.

Now, at the bottom, hit the sign-out button.

Double-click the function button in the top left corner to return to the main screen.

Now go to the settings menu.

Scroll down to the bottom and choose Factory Data Reset.

The reset must be confirmed.

Your intelligent controller will restart and be wiped clean, just like any other Android device.

Resetting a Parrot drone – Hard reset

Suppose you possess a Parrot Anafi drone, which includes the extended, work, thermal, and FPV models. In that case, you may simply hard reset it by following the Anafi troubleshooting instructions, which are accessible as a PDF by clicking the link.

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll need to reset your Parrot Anafi drone hard.

1. What you’ll need

ANAFI, ANAFI Extended, ANAFI Work, ANAFI Thermal, ANAFI FPV drone

First and foremost, you must have complete access to your drone’s power and microSD slots. Because all the resetting is done with the drone alone, no special USB connection or software is required.

MicroSD card

A microSD card must be placed into the drone’s microSD card slot. This is used to export a.TXT document to the card’s root folder. The challenging reset operation is complete when a particular file is written to that card.

A computer and MicroSD card adaptor

To see the.TXT document produced after successfully hard resetting the Parrot Anafi drone, you will need a computer and either a microSD card slot in the computer or laptop or an adapter that allows you to read the contents of the microSD card.

Once you have these items, follow the steps below to reset your Parrot drone.

Resetting a Parrot drone – Hard reset


2. How to Reset a Parrot Drone

Check that an ANAFI-compatible MicroSD card is inserted.

Turn on ANAFI (short press the battery’s power button).

Allow the gimbal to calibrate (or for the gimbal calibration to fail).

Hold the power button for 8 seconds, and the battery’s LEDs will light up red one after the other.

When all four LEDs turn red, remove the battery’s power button: ANAFI shuts down temporarily before rebooting.

Examine the microSD card that came with ANAFI: The hard reset technique created a.TXT file titled “wifi security key” at the microSD card’s root. This document attests to the completion and effectiveness of the challenging reset operation.

This hard reset is ideal for conductivity difficulties such as a dark screen, white noise, inability to activate the Thermo camera, and a slow or frozen stream. Rebooting the systems will also resolve any gimbal calibration difficulties and any weird behavior shown by the batteries, such as flashing lights or LEDs.

You may need to perform a smart battery reset when using a drone with an intelligent battery. Here’s how to replace a DJI battery as well as an Anafi intelligent battery.

3. Anafi Smart Battery Reset

Problematic resetting ANAFI’s battery may resolve any battery problem. Parrot suggests a hard reset when the battery’s behavior deviates from what is anticipated.

Connect your intelligent battery to a power supply.

Hold the power button for 15 seconds regardless of how the battery behaves.

When you release the power button, the battery’s LED will blink alternately in green and red.

The hard reset of the battery is complete.

How do I Unregister my Drone


How do I Unregister my Drone?

According to FAA regulations, every drone weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds must be registered. As a result, if your drone falls within this weight range, you must register it. It should be noted that this law applies to both commercial and recreational drone operators. Commercial registration standards are, predictably, more stringent than leisure registration requirements.

You may be asking why the FAA has implemented this regulation. And the rationale for this requirement is to be able to link a drone to its owner’s identification, which we’re sure you’d agree establishes a vital mechanism for accountability.

If you are a commercial drone user registered with the FAA, you should deregister your drone before selling or giving it to someone else. It’s no secret that you may make a lot of money when selling your drone since they have a high resale value. Remember how we said that the FAA registration is intended to ensure accountability? To preserve the accountability system, you should become deregistered when changing your drone ownership.

The deregistration procedure now differs depending on whether you are a commercial or recreational drone operator. For commercial drone users, each drone must be separately registered, with each drone connected to the identification of the pilot.

This is not the case for recreational users who merely need to register as drone owners. They are not required to give any information about their drones.

As a result, if you are a recreational drone user, you may sell your drone without having to deregister it. This is because your registration is not connected to any drone and may be used on several drones.

You’ll pay a $5 registration fee, and the registration number you’re given may be used on any drones you own as long as you fly them recreationally. When selling a drone, however, you must erase the markings of the previous registration number.

To deregister commercial drones, you must first check in to the FAA drone zone website and unregister. You’ll need to explain why you’re unregistering the drone, which is a straightforward procedure.


This post covered how to reset a DJI and a Parrot drone. If there is a battery problem, we have also looked at how to check the health of a DJI battery and reset the Parrot Anafi intelligent battery to tackle a variety of difficulties such as calibration, inconsistent transmission, poor performance, and other vexing drone issues.

Many difficulties in the gadget industry may be remedied by just doing a hard factory reset on your drone.

If you are still unable to fix the problem after doing a hard reset on your drone, I suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if you can address the issue with their support staff.

If you cannot do so, they will usually repair the defective component or offer to update your drone or battery for free. In my experience, the support staff at the major drone manufacturers have received a lot of excellent feedback.

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